Monday, July 12, 2010

Who Needs A Nap??

I do! Especially after the last few days we've had with Miss Lily. She has decided, quite suddenly to go on a nap strike. It came out of nowhere--the day before, she slept all night, and took two one-hour naps like usual. So, the next day, we put her down for her regular morning nap and went downstairs, fully expecting her to eventually fall asleep like always.

Within minutes, we began to hear loud clunking noises.

"Clunk. Hahahah! Clunk. Hahaha."

We looked at each other and then snuck upstairs. This is what we saw:

Toys..everywhere but the crib
Apparently (and rightly so), Lily thinks that if she throws everything out, including (and especially) her precious Fufu (which she then calls out for, very sadly: "Oooof...oooof..."), we will come running. Which we do. At first, I thought this may be her, feeling out of sorts. Surely by the time her afternoon nap rolled around she'd be super exhausted and would just conk out.

"Clunk. Hahaha. Clunk. Oooof..."
This looks familiar
Guess not. She has napped sporadically since then. Sometimes she'll take her morning nap, sometimes not. Sometimes she'll nap twice, most of the time--not. I suppose it is time for that new transition. I'm not too excited about this one.

In other news, I lost my phone today. I looked everywhere. In my purse, on the table, in the couch cushions. It was no where to be seen. Finally, I complained to Brian and asked him to call it. Since Lily is so infatuated with Elmo, I changed my ringtone to "Elmo's World," so she could dance to it every time someone calls. After a few seconds I heard, "Lalalala, lalalala, Elmo's World..." coming from a very muffled place. Lily started doing the Elmo jig. Again, "Lalalala, lalalala, Elmo's World..." The sound got louder...I approached Brian's shoe....

Ah...there's my phone.
and discovered my phone. I wonder how it could have ended up there?

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Three's Company said...

The boys are not the most consistent nappers anymore either. I still put them down during their usual nap times and tell them they don't have to sleep, but they need to rest, and more often than not, they fall asleep. And when they don't fall asleep I let them stay in there and play, and then when I get them "up" they act super tired, and then they usually will sleep really well the next go around.