Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a big girl...

I am in awe of how big my baby girl has suddenly gotten. It just hit me at a random moment the other day. I was sitting on the couch and she was in her high chair snacking on some crackers. I suddenly noticed that her legs actually stretched all the down the high chair and to the foot rest...the first time we put her in her chair, her feet barely peeked out of the leg holes. Sigh.

That's not all. She is growing up and starting to understand things. This morning, Brian was getting her dressed and she picked up an ear thermometer, stood up on her table, and put it in her Daddy's ear. It's sad that she knows what to do with a thermometer (thank you, evil ear infections), but it is amazing that she's now able to see the object and know what its "job" is.

Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone! But, I have to admit, this "stage" is quite fun and entertaining. It is adorable to watch her feed her Fufu and give him kisses "ni-ni". It's funny to watch her try to learn to jump with both feet off the ground. And it is hilarious to hear her do her goose laugh (seriously, she sounds like a honking goose and does it on command).

Cute as ever
Smiling with Mommy

I'm just still amazed at the well-known fact that babies grow up. It'll hit me someday...

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