Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food, Inc.

The other night, Brian and I decided to watch the documentary, Food, Inc. All I have to say is...

Holy freak me out...!

Seriously, this film will change the way you think about food. For instance, did you know that, because humans like to eat white chicken breasts, chickens have now been genetically modified to have larger breasts? (Brian's comment on this: "Well, just like the rest of the world...") The problem is, chickens are being made to be SO fat that they cannot even walk two or three steps without taking a break.

AND, did you know that the ground beef you eat might have been injected with AMMONIA because it destroys E. coli? This is the ground beef that is sold to you at a fast food restaurant and fed to our children who participate in the federal school lunch program (just another reason to pack a lunch or homeschool...)

And this is just the beginning of several, horrifying bits of information that I was previously clueless about...I mean, I know that eating organically is "better" and I've already mentioned that we are eating grassfed beef because it is healthier and lower in saturated fat, and that we shop locally when we can, but this film has exposed so much more to me...

Buying organically in our area (where we have 3 shopping options: Safeway, a locally owned Co-Op store, and WALMART) is difficult, especially out of the Farmers' Market season, so what is a person to do? Luckily, we are able to find some locally farmed/produced food, thanks to PrairieBloom, but, overall, the task can be quite difficult.

And. that. is. scary. I implore you--watch this film!

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