Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food, Inc.

The other night, Brian and I decided to watch the documentary, Food, Inc. All I have to say is...

Holy freak me out...!

Seriously, this film will change the way you think about food. For instance, did you know that, because humans like to eat white chicken breasts, chickens have now been genetically modified to have larger breasts? (Brian's comment on this: "Well, just like the rest of the world...") The problem is, chickens are being made to be SO fat that they cannot even walk two or three steps without taking a break.

AND, did you know that the ground beef you eat might have been injected with AMMONIA because it destroys E. coli? This is the ground beef that is sold to you at a fast food restaurant and fed to our children who participate in the federal school lunch program (just another reason to pack a lunch or homeschool...)

And this is just the beginning of several, horrifying bits of information that I was previously clueless about...I mean, I know that eating organically is "better" and I've already mentioned that we are eating grassfed beef because it is healthier and lower in saturated fat, and that we shop locally when we can, but this film has exposed so much more to me...

Buying organically in our area (where we have 3 shopping options: Safeway, a locally owned Co-Op store, and WALMART) is difficult, especially out of the Farmers' Market season, so what is a person to do? Luckily, we are able to find some locally farmed/produced food, thanks to PrairieBloom, but, overall, the task can be quite difficult.

And. that. is. scary. I implore you--watch this film!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I won!

A few weeks ago, Jill, from the hilarious Mom Blog, Baby Rabies, hosted a giveaway on her new Party Blog, Party Lika A Kid. The winner, who would be selected by, would win 20 free BornFree sippy cups (10 Trainer Cups, and 10 Twist'N Pop Straw Cups).

And. I. Won. I NEVER win anything.

So, I was quite excited the day the package came, and ripped into the box, eager to give the new cups a try. Overall, I think that the cups are excellent--and I am especially fond of the fact that they are free of BPA, phalates, and PVC.

Here's a quick review:

The only thing that I would say that I don't like about the Twist'n Pop cup is that, if Lily throws it on the ground while she's drinking, the straw will leak. However, if  you twist the lid close, it doesn't leak at all. So, I'm thinking that this will be an excellent cup as she gets a little older and learns not to throw it on the ground (that will happen, right?) or learns to close it herself.

The Trainer Cup is also great. I just wish I had won this a few months back when we were first introducing the sippy to her! It has a soft spout and is great for preventing ear infections. She may be a little old for this now (she tries to bite the spout off) but we are still using it for milk/juice during the day. I think it would be an excellent beginner's cup as you transition from bottle to sippy.

The coolest part? Lily loves the straw, so whenever she doesn't want to drink something, all I have to do is put it in her new "big girl" straw cup! Oh, and did I mention that they were FREE?? :) I would definitely recommend checking out the BornFree site if you aren't familiar with them. They have some really cool products!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Body Love ♥

So, today, I did something that I have been putting off for at least the last 18 months. I kept putting it off, thinking, "I should just keep them around. You know, for that magical day I finally shed this baby weight..."

I cleaned out my pre-baby wardrobe.

Because, I have to face it. I don't look like that ^ anymore...not to mention, I probably won't need to wear such teeny-bopper clothing anymore (or, at least, I tell myself this to feel a little better).

Seriously, though, I have finally reached the conclusion that after 9 months of baby-carrying, I will most likely not be going back to my size three body.
So, I finally did it. I threw all the clothes onto the floor and stuffed them in a bag for Goodwill. (By the way, if you are a junior's size small, you might want to go to Goodwill, as they will be getting A LOT of good stuff soon).

I feel like I'm trapped in a funny in-between land---I don't know how to shop. I can wear a junior's size large or a Misses size small or medium, depending on the fit. In fact, I actually had to ask a friend of mine how Misses'and Women's sizes worked...I've never shopped in that department before! It is a struggle to find clothes that fit me and are not teenager or grandma. They need to create a department called Young Hip Mom...and then direct me to it.

For instance, right after I had Lily, I decided it was time to ditch the maternity jeans and go shopping for real pants. I cautiously went to the store, making the decision to shop in Misses', so that my new curves wouldn't feel so big. I bought a pair of jeans that looked okay in the dressing room and headed home.

The next day, I wore them, excited to wear something with an actual zipper and button. However, I looked down when I was sitting and realized something..."OMG...I'm wearing MOM jeans." The jeans went over my belly and had a really long zipper and extra material...

So, through trial and error, I've begun to gain a *new* wardrobe that seems somewhat young and appropriate for a mother. Not lying hasn't been easy.Weight loss has been a slow struggle and I've had to come to the realization that having a baby, at least for me, means that my body is going to change (yeah, I so totally dislike you women who bounce right back into your pre-prego're freaks of nature and I'm jealous).

However, I also began to realize that my body can still be beautiful--and so can I. And, what's even more important is that I know that my body has the amazing power to birth a wonderful human being and survive the aftermath that is parenting.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lily's Hair

Since the day Lily was born, people have always commented on her hair. While many babies are born bald, she was born with a whole head full, sticking straight up in a million directions. Being a big-haired woman myself, I loved the fact that I'd have a little girl who could wear bows and pigtails before she was three...

The problem is, Lily doesn't like bows or pigtails...

Well, perhaps I should rephrase that--Lily loves to eat bows and pony-tail holders--she just doesn't like them in her hair. So, we've reached a conundrum. It's summer and it is HOT--and Lily's poor little head is just as warm. She also hates when the wind blows her hair in her face and she can't see--but she won't let me put her hair up and out of her way.

My little big haired girl
I don't want to cut her hair. There is something sentimental about knowing that she still has the same hair on her head that she had the day she was born...but I also don't want her to be uncomfortable. Brian feels the same way--he even suggested that maybe it was time.

What do you all think? Should we--eek--cut it? Or should I keep battling her until she submits to pigtails and pretty bows?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday*

The Goose laugh:
And, for some more smiles, Lily's ham face:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Who Needs A Nap??

I do! Especially after the last few days we've had with Miss Lily. She has decided, quite suddenly to go on a nap strike. It came out of nowhere--the day before, she slept all night, and took two one-hour naps like usual. So, the next day, we put her down for her regular morning nap and went downstairs, fully expecting her to eventually fall asleep like always.

Within minutes, we began to hear loud clunking noises.

"Clunk. Hahahah! Clunk. Hahaha."

We looked at each other and then snuck upstairs. This is what we saw:

Toys..everywhere but the crib
Apparently (and rightly so), Lily thinks that if she throws everything out, including (and especially) her precious Fufu (which she then calls out for, very sadly: "Oooof...oooof..."), we will come running. Which we do. At first, I thought this may be her, feeling out of sorts. Surely by the time her afternoon nap rolled around she'd be super exhausted and would just conk out.

"Clunk. Hahaha. Clunk. Oooof..."
This looks familiar
Guess not. She has napped sporadically since then. Sometimes she'll take her morning nap, sometimes not. Sometimes she'll nap twice, most of the time--not. I suppose it is time for that new transition. I'm not too excited about this one.

In other news, I lost my phone today. I looked everywhere. In my purse, on the table, in the couch cushions. It was no where to be seen. Finally, I complained to Brian and asked him to call it. Since Lily is so infatuated with Elmo, I changed my ringtone to "Elmo's World," so she could dance to it every time someone calls. After a few seconds I heard, "Lalalala, lalalala, Elmo's World..." coming from a very muffled place. Lily started doing the Elmo jig. Again, "Lalalala, lalalala, Elmo's World..." The sound got louder...I approached Brian's shoe....

Ah...there's my phone.
and discovered my phone. I wonder how it could have ended up there?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a big girl...

I am in awe of how big my baby girl has suddenly gotten. It just hit me at a random moment the other day. I was sitting on the couch and she was in her high chair snacking on some crackers. I suddenly noticed that her legs actually stretched all the down the high chair and to the foot rest...the first time we put her in her chair, her feet barely peeked out of the leg holes. Sigh.

That's not all. She is growing up and starting to understand things. This morning, Brian was getting her dressed and she picked up an ear thermometer, stood up on her table, and put it in her Daddy's ear. It's sad that she knows what to do with a thermometer (thank you, evil ear infections), but it is amazing that she's now able to see the object and know what its "job" is.

Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone! But, I have to admit, this "stage" is quite fun and entertaining. It is adorable to watch her feed her Fufu and give him kisses "ni-ni". It's funny to watch her try to learn to jump with both feet off the ground. And it is hilarious to hear her do her goose laugh (seriously, she sounds like a honking goose and does it on command).

Cute as ever
Smiling with Mommy

I'm just still amazed at the well-known fact that babies grow up. It'll hit me someday...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Behave!

I have noticed that Lily has gotten purposefully naughty lately. Before, she used to do naughty things, like eat paper or pull the kitty's (or as she says the "Ditty!") tail out of curiosity. She was really curious by what the paper might taste like or what the Ditty would do if she yanked that hairy thing that came from his bottom.

Now, however, it is a totally different story. She will go out of her way to find a piece of paper she knows she is not supposed to have, look at me, and take a bite.
The following scene generally ensues:

Me: "Lily! Give that to Mommy! Spit!"

Lily: Runs away as fast as she can.

Me: Runs after her, catches her, and says, "Spit!"

Lily: Spits, then lays on the ground and throws a fit (you'd think I'd just tortured her precious Fufu or something).

She is also quite fond of pulling my hair, and occasionally pinching and biting. For some reason, telling her "Owie! That hurts!" just makes her smile and pull/bite/pinch harder. I've tried to "teach" her that it isn't nice by doing virtually everything: ignoring her, moving her and distracting her with a toy, and, upon suggestion and frustration, even swatting her hand once. None of it worked. When she has the naughty desire, it seems she can't be swayed.

I'm wondering if a 17 month old is too young for an occasional timeout? My instinct is that she is, since she probably won't understand it, but I'm running out of suggestions...let me know, as you read this, if you have any magical "naughty-ness" cures...

Silly Lily--standing on her head
I do feel compelled to mention that, for the most part, she is a good and happy little girl--she just has an occasional streak of naughtiness that I'm sure she gets from her father.. :)