Friday, August 28, 2009

The End of Summer

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I've had a new entry, and I figured I ought to give everyone an update.

Summer is officially over for us. Brian started teaching last Wednesday and I started the Master's program in Community Counseling at CSC on Monday. Needless to say, life is once again going to be hectic. The good news is that we are planning on closing on the Hemingford home on Tuesday, so that is quite a relief!

Lily has quite the little personality nowadays. In fact, I dare to say, she is almost naughty already! :) She loves to bounce in her jumperoo, hates to nap, and has already gotten two teeth! She is well over 17 pounds now and is quite heavy as I lug her around in her car seat. She can sit up on her own pretty well, is dabbling in fruits and vegetables, and loves to drink water out of Mommy and Daddy's cups. She's not crawling yet, (thankfully) but is rolling around in both directions, so I believe we are not very far from that milestone.

Here are some pictures from the summer--hope you all are well and enjoy seeing Lily growing up!
She loves nothing more than be carried around on her Daddy's shoulder--dare I say she is Daddy's girl already?? :)
Here is a family picture of us at the Gompert Family Picnic in early August
Too cute! On her 6 month birthday!

Playing with one of her many toys...
Here she is preparing for football season--you know she has to be a Husker!!
Brian, Erica, and Lily