Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Getting into the Holiday Spirit*

Hey everyone :) Brian and I have slowly been getting into the holiday spirit. At first, we were both kind of disgusted by the fact that WalMart had their Christmas decorations out and were playing Christmas Carols--of course, that was the day after Halloween :) We finally got our tree up and are slowly putting up some decorations around the house. There aren't any presents under the tree as of yet--but I'm sure that will come too! Here are some pictures:

Our beautiful Christmas tree. It is a little hard to see the whole thing, because we had to put it in the office, but in real life, it is gorgeous--even if it is fake! Ajax still tries to eat (and climb) the fake tree, so I bet it is better that it isn't real...

We bought Koda this hat in an attempt to get her to wear it for our Christmas photo--she would rather eat the snowball on the end. However, she was sleepy, so I managed to get this one shot :)
We are still waiting for the semester to be over...each day brings us closer! Today marks the beginning of the third trimester for me--28 weeks or 7 months! Hard to believe!

7 months!
Yes, those are some beautiful stretch marks crawling up my side--guess they are unavoidable :) Hope you are all well!

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