Wednesday, December 24, 2008

From Us to You--Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Howdy-

Brian here, taking a turn at the keyboard after a LONG semester of grading (the less-desirable part of teaching.) We have finished our busiest half-year as a couple: Lily on the way, Erica taking 15 hours at CSC (she still has her 4.0!), and myself with six classes plus a lab (as I said, much grading.) We are, of course, thankful that we have what we do, especially with regard to the current economic climate.
Everyone is well up here in Box Butte County--Erica is plumping (Ha!) the critters keep each other on their toes, and, according to all we have heard from the docs, Lily is healthy and developing. After February, we will certainly have a full household. We wish you all the best, and hope for a safe and warm holiday for everybody!

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