Sunday, February 1, 2009

We are getting close!

Hi everyone! I decided it was time for another update.

Wednesday marks Week 37 in our pregnancy journey. This is very exciting for me because it means two things: First, and most importantly, Lily will now be considered a "full-term" baby and is safe to arrive at any time; second, I get to finally get off bedrest and stop taking my anti-contraction medicine.

We are having difficulty imagining the fact that she has the potential of being here so soon! But, I have finally reached that point where I am "ready" to give birth...I am not so afraid of the idea as I was before :) In fact, I cannot WAIT to not be pregnant anymore! And we cannot wait to meet our beautiful little girl!

As of today, we have 24 days until her due it may take that much longer. Regardless, we are excited to find out what day she will arrive and can relax knowing that she should be a chubby and healthy little girl :)

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