Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010: Part I

Christmas this year was incredibly fun. In the weeks preceding Christmas, Lily made frequent "phone" calls to Santa Claus and told  him that she wanted presents and toys. Despite the fact that she was actually terrified of any actual human Santa, she was pretty obsessed with talking about him (and still is, even though Christmas has passed).

This Christmas, Lily really "got it." She was extremely eager to get her hands on those presents--so eager that they didn't appear under the tree until Christmas morning, or they would have never lasted that long. We did a Christmas brunch with Brian's side of the family on Christmas morning (and yes, we made her eat breakfast first :) ), and then we all enjoyed watching Lily rip open her presents and exclaim "Clothes!" or "Book!" 

It was too sweet. 

Eager to get her hands on those gifts--plus, she has a thing for bows.

Her hammy smile

The magic of Christmas--and wrapping paper

She tried to preserve her paper pretty well :)

Yea! A flashlight!

Sliding down her new slide!

She made sure to offer her assistance to all other gift openers
Riding on her cool new Dora the Explorer big wheel. She can't quite reach the pedals yet. .
My mom has actually been very ill over the last few months. We had originally planned on having Christmas Eve with them, but she ended up being in the hospital until New Year's. So we will be having Christmas Part II this coming Saturday. I'm sure Lily will be spoiled even more and will have just as much fun! Stay tuned!

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