Monday, November 22, 2010

Sickness and Snow

Winter (well, the cold weather, anyway) has officially arrived and, with it, so have germs and sickness! Lily spent five days with a fever--and though we don't really know what exactly she had, we are glad to report that she is *finally* starting to feel better.

She spent about a week or so doing  a lot of laying around and sleeping (not that I'll necessarily complain about that), but it is always hard to see your little one not feeling well. Fufu and her thumb got quite a workout...

Her attempt at a way was that thumb coming out.

Taking a rest

After being cooped up for so long, I decided that, since she was feeling a bit better, we'd go and play in the snow this morning. Lily calls it "Noes" and she thinks that it is really interesting--to eat. She really doesn't understand why I keep putting mittens on her hands (after all, she has to use them), and repeatedly takes them off, then tells me her hands are cold. Oh well...she'll get it eventually!

She decided to just eat the mitten


I liked this footprints :)

She loves Mr. No-man

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