Sunday, July 5, 2009

The last month in review

Hey there!

The month of June has come and gone--it is truly amazing how quickly life has started moving for us!! Over the last month we have concentrated on getting more things moved into the new house, helped get Barb settled into her new home, and watched Lily grow bigger and more rambunctious by the day!

Over the last month Lily has started rolling around more, has learned how to put her feet in her mouth, and eats rice cereal like a pro. The only "bad" things that she has developed are stranger anxiety and crying HARD when she is sleepy.

We took her to an opthamologist in June, and he informed us that her hemangioma does not seem to be affecting any part of her vision at this point. He confirmed that surgery should be the last option for us and said that he would just like to see her in three months to check her again. We also took her to her GP, who has been measuring the bump every month, and it has stayed the same size since the beginning of June, which is good news!

At her appointment on July 2, she weighed 14 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 25 1/2 inches long. She is getting really heavy for me to lug around in her car seat!! :)

Here are some pictures of her over the last month--you can really see her personality start to shine through!

Big blue eyes!
She sucks her thumb!
(She loves her thumb!! She also LOVES to suck or chew on anything she can get her hands on!)
Yesterday was Independence Day and we went to my parents' house for their annual 4th of July block party. We were a little worried that Lily would be afraid of the noise and that the bugs would eat us alive, but all was well! Lily hardly fussed the entire night and the noise didn't faze her. She loved watching the big fireworks go off in the sky and probably wondered what kind of world she had suddenly entered!
Here are some pictures from the party:

Here she is watching all the people and trying to figure out what all the racket was about...

Here are Brian and I smiling for the camera :)

And here is Miss Lily all dressed up and ready to go!
We will be leaving for Cleveland to visit Brian's brother and sister in law on Tuesday. I can't say I am looking forward to the flight with a baby who can't sit still, but it will be nice for Lily to FINALLY meet her other uncle and aunt!! We are glad they will be able to meet her while she still has some "little" baby in her :)
Hope this note finds everyone else in good spirits and health!
Brian, Erica, and Lily ♥

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