Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Week--and a Whole Month!!

Hello, hello!

Well, another week (plus a few days) has past. On Wednesday I got two phone calls--one from Brian and one from Grandma Barb--reminding me that it was Miss Lily's birthday...that's right, she is a whole month old already!

I definitely cannot believe that a month has past since I gave birth--in fact, sometimes I have to remind myself that Lily is here and I am not pregnant anymore :) Here are some pictures of our beautiful little one:

Straight out of the tub!
Betcha can't tell I enjoy my food!
For Daddy--Baby Power!! :)

In other news, we are pretty much just plugging along--I have survived midterm week and now have a whole week off (of course, I will still be doing homework). Brian is just entering his midterm week on Monday, so the following week will be his break. We are still suffering from sleep deprivation, but, as you can tell, Lily is much to cute to get frustrated with :) We did get Lily's portraits yesterday, so stay tuned for them--I'll try to post the best ones soon.

Here is Lily on her 1 Month birthday--as she is clearly saying, Peace Out!!

This is what I look like as I stare at Mommy :)

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